Websites, Branding, Print and Digital Marketing

I provide a complete range of digital and traditional design and production services that ensure your business makes the right first impression.

Website Design and Development

Whether you’re after a simple online presence or a full ecommerce solution that lets you sell to the world, we all need a website to do business these days. I offer a complete service designing and developing fully bespoke (no templates here!) websites that meet the needs of your business and your customers – all delivered using a straightforward, jargon-free process.

Everything is designed and tested to work across phone, tablets and desktops using industry-standard practices and technologies to ensure your messages reach your audience in the best possible way, no matter how they choose to receive it. All major search engines will find it easy to read your content to, helping to spread your message as far and as wide as you need.

Of course, websites aren’t just about pretty pictures – there are plenty of technologies required when developing a website, and I’m happy to help you get online as smoothly as possible. Need a domain name? Hosting? Website editing? Some stats on how many people are visiting your site? I can help with these, and much more.

Branding and Logo Design

Your brand is so much more than your just logo – it’s a mix of all the essential parts that make your business tick and helps your customers to understand who you are.

I can help you to define your business, it’s goals and it’s customers and use that information to create a consistent and memorable identity that can be applied across everything that you use to do business. There is nothing quite like opening your first stationery pack and seeing your logo and brand identity applied to the letterheads, compliments slips and business cards that you’ll soon be sending to your customers.

Your brand stretches into the digital world as well, so I’m happy to help with everything from an email signature to ensuring your social media accounts look tip-top as well.

Digital Marketing

Having a website is just the start of your journey to ensure your message reaches your potential audience, and whilst daunting at first, it pays to take the time to understand how the basics work.

I can help you to optimise your site so that search engines keep coming back and finding great content, and also advise on how best to use your marketing budget for maximum reach with online advertising.

I love Social Media and it’s ability to connect brands with their customers, so I’m always very happy to work with businesses to create a digital marketing plan that engages and informs an audience.